Spread The Love


UPDATE dd. March 15th 2020: Good Deeds Day Curaçao 2020 has been postponed in an effort to support containment of COVID-19 in Curaçao.

Following the latest developments and our Government's advise, I have decided to postpone Good Deeds Day 2020.

As Yolanda and the one behind Spread the Love Curaçao, I want to do my part in keeping social distance.

I intend to pick up all planned activities later this year, once the situation has subsided and calm has been restored.


In the meantime, please stay kind.

Remember that we are in this together. Keep social distance only on the physical level. We can still be human beings that care for others. Allow this crisis to bring out your kindest you.


GOOD DEEDS DAY IS BACK! And this year, all Caribbean participants have agreed to aim our Good Deeds towards Climate Change, the 13th UN Sustainable Development Goal.


For the third year in a row, Spread the Love organizes Good Deeds Day on Curaçao and we’re excited to bring THREE planting good deeds on THREE DIFFERENT LEVELS!

On Saturday March 21st we will go underwater to join Coral Restoration Foundation with coral planting and maintenance.

On Sunday March 29th we will plant on land, trees and crops and all sorts of delicious greenness for our soil with syntropic farming techniques.

And finally, on Sunday May 10th we will meet in the middle, where the land meets the ocean, to plant marvellous mangroves!

For tree and mangrove planting we’re planning additional sessions for volunteers who want to do and know more about syntropic farming and mangrove propagules. Follow our FB group for updates on events related to each planting activity!

Please note that there are limited seats available for the events. First come, first serve! Register through the contact page.