Spread The Love

About Our Founder

Yolanda is convinced that kindness is the way to set the world on an exceptional path. On a path where we are truly connected with each other. Where we are aware of each other’s needs and live in tune with ourselves, others and nature.

Yolanda was born in Curaçao in 1977. She grew up in The Netherlands and Spain, before moving back to Curaçao, where she finished high school. After earning a degree in Art Therapy from the University for Applied Sciences of Arnhem & Nijmegen, she moved back to Curaçao, earned a teaching certificate, and then moved back to Spain. In Barcelona she worked at a multinational for 3 years and learned what the social impact of a worldwide corporation can be.

Is there a place for kindness in the workplace?

‘Of course! When kindness becomes a way of life, there’s a place for it everywhere. Especially in places where you spend so much time and have to connect with all sorts of people. It may be easy to “be kind” from the comfort of your own home, hidden away from the real world, but that’s not where its power lies. They’re not called ACTS of kindness for nothing!’

‘When you start seeing how kindness transforms your life and therefore the whole world, you’ll be convinced too!’ It took many challenges for Yolanda to choose kindness as the absolute direction for her own life, but once she did choose, it all started falling into place. She realized that everything that had ever happened, had brought her to kindness. Every interest, every talent, every pain, every move, every person.

‘I feel like everything that makes me me, is something I can put into kindness. That I like to write, that I like to be colorful, that I love to bring people to their healing, that I like encouraging people, that I love it when people connect, that softness is stronger, that inequality is fatal, that the mind is the most powerful tool to transform your life. Kindness is the strongest revolution out there!’

Yolanda does freelance social media management, she has worked as an Art Therapist for the past 10 years and has her own practice, she writes blogs, makes dot art and natural skin-care products, and spends every other minute dedicated to Spread the Love Curaçao. Yolanda speaks 5 languages and lives with her 2 dogs and cat in Curaçao.