Do you need workshops to learn kindness? No you don't! But kindness is like a muscle, if you don't use it, it will eventually fade until it's almost non-existent.

You were born with kindness wired into your brain. From studies in early development we know that babies, i.e. tiny humans who don't know how to communicate consciously, are capable of empathy in the first few weeks of life. And babies as young as 14 months are known to be helpful and show kindness. So no, you don't need to learn kindness, but you need to be reminded of it and maybe encouraged a little bit.

Remembering kindness works for everyone. Kids in school, employees, the elderly as well as individuals like you and me.

Right now we offer a customized workshop for companies. With this training you'll be able to officially launch a new dynamic on the work floor. Introducing kindness in the workplace has been proven to increase employee satisfaction, improve accuracy of tasks and grow revenue, among many other benefits.

We work with trained instructors who are passionate about kindness and have a specialization in different fields of mental health, education and communication.

As an introductory offer, the price per participant ranges between Nafl. 50-150 including materials and a training session takes about 4 hours on location.

Send us a message to get you started with your own customized workshop. And go ahead and check out these 11 kindness ideas for the workplace below!


Five sources to convince you even more about the value of kindness for your company!

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