Spread The Love

Food Drive – Good Deeds Day 2021

Last Saturday, July 10, Spread the Love Curaçao organized another food drive to benefit the Voedselbank Curaçao (the food Bank). The food drive is one of the activities Spread the Love organizes for Good Deeds Day, a day when millions of people around the world do good deeds for their communities.

This year, Good Deeds Day took place on April 11, 2021, but could not continue on Curaçao due to the lockdown. On that day, Spread the Love released a bilingual video as a good deed for the ABC islands so that everyone could learn how to make a tiny food forest in a large container and 3 people received a starter package to create their own food forest. To watch the video, go to https://bit.ly/GDDfoodforest.

Last Saturday, 15 volunteers participated in the food drive at two locations, the supermarkets Vreugdenhil and Carrefour. From 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM all visitors received a shopping list upon arrival and were asked if they could buy something extra to leave at the exit as a donation. An estimated total worth of ANG 7000 of groceries have been donated. According to the food bank, 100 food packages can be made with this. The volunteers were each rewarded with 25,- CuraDAI, the digital currency, by the group Kolektivo.

Spread the Love has 1 more Good Deeds Day activity planned for August 21st, they are expanding an existing food forest at a homeless center in Vredenberg to make the residents more self-reliant. This activity is carried out in collaboration with the organizations Syntropics & Permaculture Solutions and Yu di Tera, who were also involved in the creation of the video. A rain gutter will be installed so that the rainwater can be collected in IBC tanks. After that, a group of volunteers will spend a morning helping the residents expand their food forest. During the activity, both residents and volunteers will learn more about permaculture as they go along. You can still sign up for this as a volunteer. Send an email to: spreadthelovecuracao@gmail.com or visit the website www.spreadthelovecuracao.com